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Uzbekistan, Fergana city,
Marifat str. 31A

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(+998 73) 244-00-56
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Daily from 8:00 to 18:00

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Last Friday each month


"History of Theater"  13.03.2019 14:20

muqimiy05 On March 11, 2019, the Ahmad Ferghani Information and Library Center hosted a roundtable dedicated to the history of theater in the sphere of spirituality and enlightenment.

"The City in the middle of the World"  13.03.2019 13:09

photo_2019-03-06_15-10-40 On March 6, 2019, discussion was held at the Regional Information and Library Center named after Ahmad Farghoni in the Foreign Literature Room on the subject "The city in the middle of the world".

"The beatiful and glamorous poet"  13.03.2019 10:19

photo_2019-03-13_14-48-46 On March 13, 2019 the Information Minutes of the Ahmad Farghoni Regional Information and Library Center in the General Reading Room on the topic of " The beatiful and glamorous poet " was held in connection with the 240th anniversary of the birthday of the educator poet Uvaysi (1779-1845).

"The joy of understanding creativity"  01.03.2019 13:04

photo_2019-03-01_14-39-01 On March 1, 2019, an exhibition of information time and books on the subject of " The joy of understanding creativity" was held at the Ahmad Ferghani Regional Information and Library Center dedicated to the birthday of literary critic Ozod Sharafiddinov in the general reading room sector.

"Language, Culture, Education"  27.02.2019 13:19

photo_2019-02-27_14-20-06 On February 27, 2019 in the Reading Room of Foreign Literature was held a conversation on "Language, Culture, Education". Head of the Service Department F. Almukhametova opened the event and briefed the UN General Assembly on the announcement of 2019 as the Year of International Local Languages ​​and the activities of UNESCO.

"Ganch carving art"  21.02.2019 08:21

IMG_6747 February 20, 2019, at the Regional Information and Library Center named after Ahmad Farghoni, the book exhibition "Ganch carving art" was organized.

"For what the attention should be paid when studying abroad"  20.02.2019 08:17

GISMA_Business_School On February 19, 2019 a seminar on "Education Abroad" was held in the Foreign Literature Room. Representative of the GISMA Business School in Central Asia Aygul Ashurova, Shavkat Azamovich Jabborov, representative of the University of The Great Britain in the CIS, and regular users participated in the seminar.

"The Readers Club"  20.02.2019 07:47

photo_2019-02-20_12-11-14 (2) February 20, 2019 in the Regional Information and Library Center named after Ahmad Farghani was held a regular training session of the "The readers Club". The first-class librarians of the library and information documentation cataloging and processing department N. Abdubakiyeva and M. Israilov discussed the work of Antoine de Saint-Exupery's "Little Prince".

"Appearance of culture"  20.02.2019 07:45

photo_2019-02-20_15-16-23 On February 20, 2019 in the Reading Room of Foreign Literature there was a regular conversation between the participants of the Club of Korean fans on the theme of "Appearance of culture".

"Tourism prospects in Uzbekistan"  15.02.2019 08:22

Avtosalon-v-Samarkande-GM-Uzbekistan On February 14, 2019, at the Regional Information and Library Center named after Ahmad Farghoni, a book exhibition titled "Samarkand - the globe of the earth" was organized under the heading "Tourism prospects in Uzbekistan".

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