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Mailing address:
Uzbekistan, Fergana city,
Marifat str. 31A

Phone numbers:
(+998 73) 244-00-56
(+998 73) 244-12-86

Work hours:
Daily from 8:00 to 18:00

Cleanup day:
Last Friday each month


The evening devoted to the memory of Tamara Khanum  20.04.2010 08:23

Spiritual - moral education of youth  is today's priorities of the library work. Library has always been and still remains the basic part of the youth education system, in which study of interests and values of the youth constantly takes place, attitude of boys ans girls to the literature and reading, music and fine arts.

Halloween holiday celebration in our Library  03.11.2009 14:01

For the Foreign Literature reading hall users, students and pupils learning English a celebration of the Halloween has been organized. The holiday is celebrated on the night October 31 to November 1 and it is considered one of the favourite holidays in English-speaking countries.

Librarianship consultant from the USA visit  21.10.2009 12:00

On October 15th, 2009 the adviser on librarianship Mr. William Middleton (USA) visited our library. He had an excursion around the library and held a conversation with the users of the Hall of foreign literature - pupils and students of the Fergana academic lyceums, colleges, high schools. The readers learning English language had a great opportunity to have an alive chat with a native speaker and practice speaking.

New English books collection from the American Embassy  29.04.2009 17:29

On April 29, 2009 the Foreign Literature Department of our Fergana Library Center welcomed the press attaché and other representatives of the American Embassy in Uzbekistan. They have conducted a presentation of a collection of modern books in English, which they presented our library.

How Libraries Are Using Web 2.0  20.11.2008 14:45

The big reading hall of the Fergana Information-Library Center (ILC) hosted a presentation titled «Web 2.0 in libraries» on November 20, 2008.

Psychology and us 2008  19.04.2008 08:06

Psychology and us - for those who's interested in psychology the evening of questions and answers.

The Book Holiday 2007  08.11.2007 08:07

On November 8 the Regional Information-library center (ILC) hosted the second book exhibition-fair of educational, teaching-methodic and fiction literature organized under the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan № 362 of 31.05.2006.

The library sport life  17.08.2007 08:08

From August 14 to August 16 a selection round of the Sports games among labour collectives of the Uzbek Agency of communication and information of the Fergana area took place.

Presentation of books to the 2000 anniversary of Marguilan city and the 16 anniversary of Independence of Uzbekistan  06.07.2007 08:01

Presentation of books to the 2000 anniversary of Marguilan city and the 16 anniversary of Independence of Uzbekistan.

The contribution to celebration of the 16 anniversary of the Independence of Uzbekistan and the 2000 anniversary of Marguilan city was made by the Republican center of propagation of spirituality and the Information-library centre. They have organized the books presentation, the publication of which was sponsored by the Center of spirituality propagation and the Scientific-practical center of National idea and ideology.

We care of the users with limited opportunities  09.06.2007 08:13

On June 8, 2007 the center of «Information resources on physical handicap» was visited by Thomas Bolive - the director of Handicap International programs in the CIS countries and Viola Artikova - the project manager of the «Network of information resources on physical handicap project for the civil society in Uzbekistan», financed by the European Union Commission. The purpose of their visit was acquaintance with the work of the center, the achieved results, problems arising during the work, etc.

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