Fergana Regional
Information-Library Center named after Ahmad Ferganiy

Mailing address:
Uzbekistan, Fergana city,
Marifat str. 31A

Phone numbers:
(+998 73) 244-00-56
(+998 73) 244-12-86

Work hours:
Daily from 8:00 to 18:00

Cleanup day:
Last Friday each month


"Master of the art speech" - to the 98th anniversary of the birth of Uzbek writer Said Ahmad  09.06.2018 07:55

On June 8, 2018, by the employees of the general reading room sector for regular users of ILC, a review was held on the book exhibition "So’z San’ati Natur", which was dedicated to the 98th anniversary of the birth of the remarkable people's writer of Uzbekistan - Said Ahmad.

The singer of beauty  08.06.2018 07:55

June 7, 2018 in the Sector of Local History took an information minute dedicated to the 105th anniversary of the poet, playwright, translator Amin Umariy.

The great talents of Fergana Valley  08.06.2018 07:53

In order to promote the heritage of famous people of the Fergana region, the regional studies sector hosts various events - talks, reviews, and local history classes.

Round table "We study the heritage of two great people"  06.06.2018 07:52

The 6th of June in2018, in the auditorium of the Ferghana ILC named after Ahmad Fargoniy held a round table devoted to the study of the heritage of the great Kazakh poet, thinker Abai Kunanbayev and the great writer, public figure of Kyrgyzstan - Chingiz Aytmatov.

Exhibition of New Literature  06.06.2018 07:50

About a thousand copies of the publications presented at the exhibition, will supplement the Foundation of the ILC named after Ahmad Fargoniy

"The Queen of Dance" - 105th birthday of Mukarram Turgunbaeva  06.06.2018 07:49

On June 6, 2018, an information minute devoted to the 105th anniversary of the People's Artist of Uzbekistan Mukarram Turgunbaeva was held in the local lore sector. Opening the event the head of a sector S. Yusupova said that sector's employees constantly inform the readers of the ILC about the famous people of the Fergana region. Today's event is dedicated to an outstanding artist, whose anniversary we celebrated in May.

The review of the exhibition: "The Great Russian poet Pushkin and art"  05.06.2018 07:48

June 5, 2018 in the sector of Spirituality and enlightenment on work with youth, the exhibition "Great Russian poet AS Pushkin and art" was reviewed.

The gift from Press and Information Agency of Uzbekistan  05.06.2018 07:47

The Fergana Province ILC named after Ahmad Fargoniy has been replenished with new publications donated by the Uzbek Agency for Press and Information and the National Library of Uzbekistan.

Competition in the military unit "The Young Booklover"  02.06.2018 07:45

The 1st of June in 2018 organized competition "The Young Booklover" under the slogan "Attention to literature - attention to spirituality and future" employees of the Ferghana Province ILC and together with officers and soldiers of the military unit 71782.

Feast of friendship and brotherhood  01.06.2018 13:33

The 1st of June in 2018, Fergana province Information-Library center named after Ahmad Ferganiy, in cooperation with the Fergana branch of the Union of Youth of Uzbekistan and the Fergana Regional Union for the Protection of Consumer Rights of Uzbekistan, within the framework of the resolution of the President of Uzbekistan "On the celebration of the 90th anniversary of the great writer and public figure Chingiz Aytmatov, and the resolution on the wide study and propaganda of the creative heritage of the great Kazakh poet and thinker Abai Kunanbayev, held the event "Holiday of Friendship and Brotherhood".

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