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"For what the attention should be paid when studying abroad"  20.02.2019 08:17

On February 19, 2019 a seminar on "Education Abroad" was held in the Foreign Literature Room. Representative of the GISMA Business School in Central Asia Aygul Ashurova, Shavkat Azamovich Jabborov, representative of the University of The Great Britain in the CIS, and regular users participated in the seminar.


Central Asia representative Aygul Gisma spoke about the Gisma Business School (Gisma Businnes Sshool). This German International School of Management was founded in 1999 by German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder. Hannover and Berlin, as well as leading world-class university professors teach students and teachers from different countries. The Gisma Business School offers courses for upgrading skills, learning languages, and improving business skills.


During the workshop, Shavkat Azamovich Jabborov, the representative of UK University "The University Law", spoke about the University of Law.

Founded in 1967 in Gildford, this university is one of the leaders in the world of law and business education and owns its affiliates in various UK cities.


Participants were informed about the directions and faculties of this university, as well as the conditions under which they could be trained.

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