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"The joy of understanding creativity"  01.03.2019 13:04

On March 1, 2019, an exhibition of information time and books on the subject of " The joy of understanding creativity" was held at the Ahmad Ferghani Regional Information and Library Center dedicated to the birthday of literary critic Ozod Sharafiddinov in the general reading room sector. The discussion was taken by M.Uzakova, the leading librarian of the general reading room. She briefly told the readers about the life and work of O.Sharafudinov.


Ozod Sharafiddinov was born in Kokand in 1929. He graduated from secondary school in Tashkent with a gold medal and studied at the philological faculty at Tashkent State University, and then graduated from Moscow Institute of World Literature.

Ozod Sharafiddinov is known as a writer in the 60's of the 20th century.


In his “Zamon. Qalb. Poeziya” book he studied literary works from the point of view of artistic law. His research focuses on analyzing literature on nationalistic ideas and literary texts. The book "Adabiy etyudlar" describes the issues of the artist and his place in the art. The scientific articles included in the collections of "Yalovbardorlar", "Iste’dod jilolari" reflect the traditions of literary creativity, the tools of studying classical literature and problems of studying world literature.


Ozod Sharafiddinov is known as the person who initiated the principles of adherence to national and world literary traditions in Uzbek literary criticism.

Ozod Sharafiddinov introduced the concept of criticism to the translation art. He translated Tolstoy's "Iqrornoma", P. Coelho's "Alchymista", A.Sevel's "Stop the Flight, I'll Drop".

O. Sharafiddinov was awarded Beruniy State Prize Laureate in Uzbekistan (1970), “Mehnat shuhrati” (1997), “Buyuk xizmatlari uchun” (1999) and Hero of Uzbekistan (2002). In the exhibition titled "The joy of understanding creativity " several books about Sharafiddinov were offered to readers. At the same time, the library has the following publications: O.Sharafiddinov, "Domlalar", T .: Ma'naviyat., 2009, "Ozod Sharafiddinov zamondoshlar xotirasida", T .: Uzbekistan, 2007, O. Sharafiddinov, "Birinchi mo’jiza", T .: Literature and Art., 1979 O. Sharafiddinov, "Hayot bilan hamnafas", T .: Youth Guard, 2007, and other publications and press releases.

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