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"The City in the middle of the World"  13.03.2019 13:09

On March 6, 2019, discussion was held at the Regional Information and Library Center named after Ahmad Farghoni in the Foreign Literature Room on the subject "The city in the middle of the world".

The head of the service department F.Almukhametova said that Bukhara's famous Silk Road route is one of the most famous historical cities of Uzbekistan, and for many centuries Bukhara has made a significant contribution to the spiritual and material development of humanity.


During the conversation, students were informed about the historical monuments of Bukhara, Ark's Fortress, the Mogaki Attar Mosque, the Kokaldash Madrassah of the 16th Century, the Mir Arab Medrese, and the Chor-Minor Madrassah.

The event was also attended by an exhibition titled "Ancient Cities of Uzbekistan". The visitors were provided with books, albums and magazines about Uzbekistan's historical monuments.

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