Fergana Regional
Information-Library Center named after Ahmad Ferganiy
Work hours:
Daily from 8:00 to 18:00
Mailing address:
Uzbekistan, Fergana city,
Marifat str. 31A

Library funds

Fonds of the library

    Book fund of library on the present moment is more than 350 thousand items. Of which:

Magazines                                                       35 thousand copies.
Technical literature                                        66 thousand copies.
Agricultural literature                                    14 thousand copies.
Foreign literature                                           4583 thousand copies.
Literature on art and sports                            23 thousand copies.
Fiction                                                              70 thousand copies.
Natural - scientific and medical literature    55 thousand copies.
Literature on philological sciences               38 thousand copies.
Political-social literature                               30 thousand copies.

      The books on the region are of great value because they contain information on the history of Fergana. 

          - Large Fergana channel issued in 1939.
          - Tya-muunsk mine of radii ores in Fergana - 1925
          - Hodjent mines of cooking salt in Fergana - 1931
          - The land of local population of Fergana region - 1924
          - Annual-book of Fergana area - 1904.

      The fund of rare editions represents the richest collection of books, since the end XVIII of century. Many books came to the library from the funds of Skobelev female school library, from officer library of 7-th Turkistan devision, as well as from 4-th Turkistan foundry batalion.

          - "Encyclopaedic dictionary", issued in St. Pitsburg in 1890 by Brokgauz and Efronov.
          - "World creation" by B. Meyer issued in St.-Petersburg in 1903.
          - The book by Anton Solis "The history of Mexico conquest" issued in 1707.
          - "The history of the Earth" by M. Neymar in 2 volumes 1902-1904.
          - "Universe and mankind" in 5 volumes. St.-Petersburg, 1896.

      An illustrated geographical collection "Asia" issued in 1900 in Moscow, where the whole chapters are devoted to Bukhara and Samarkand.
      In the book by Kaufman "To new places" (sketches and travelling notes).- St.-Petersburg, 1905, it`s told about Tashkent (the chapter "New and old Tashkent") and there is also the chapter "On the Central Asian road".
      The third fund of pre-revolutionary editions is represented by magazines: of XIX and early XX century "Historical bulletin", "Bulletin of Europe", "Homeland notes" etc.
The most numerous are the books on history: the world history, ancient history and history of Imperial Russia. As an example:

          - Tretyakov "Prehistory man": stone century, 1913.
          - The life of 12 Caesars. St.-Petersburg, 1904.
          - Brikner The history of Catherine II. St.-Petersburg, 1885.
          - Three centuries: Russia from the days of riots until our times. Historical collection under Kallash edition, 1913.

      In the funds of the library there are tiny editions:

          - Uvaisi. Lyrics (heritage of well-known Uzbek poetess of XIX century), 1984.
          - Furkat. The dawn hour. (Elected), 1978.
          - Abu ali Ibn Sino. Ugirlar. 1980.
          - "Atlas of America". From a series of "The States and territories", 1989.
          - "Hundred poems of hundred poets". Ancient collection of Japanese poetry VIII-XIII century, 1990.
          - "French medieval lyrics", 1990.

      The art literature fund totals about 7 thousand musical editions and sound records, and more than 6 thousand music literature and fine art literature.
There are albums of known foreign and local artists, and albums reflecting art of Uzbekistan:

          - "Tashkent painting", (From the album of national craftsman Kasimyadjanov) 1958.
          - "Carpets of Central Asian people of late XIX-XX centuries" (Expedition materials of 1929-1945) , 1970.
          - "The art of Uzbek embroidery" by Rassudva - Tashkent, 1961.
          - "The architecture of Uzbekistan". (Album) - Tashkent, 1959.
          - "Jewelers art of Uzbekistan" by Fakhredinova - 1988.
          - "The song in metal". (National art of Uzbekistan), 1986.

      "Atlas of ancient silver and gold utensils of eastern origin found mainly in Russian empire: Eastern silver". - St.-Petersburg, 1909 is of a great interest.

      The musical editions fund is represented by the works in all genres by both local and foreign composers: vocal, instrumental, symphonic, claviers and parities for operas and ballets, popular songs. There is a rich pedagogical repertoire for specialized high, professional and secondary schools.

          - F. Shopen. Complete collection. Polish edition by Krakow.
          - Shostakovich. Collection in 42 volumes 1980.

      Except for the books and brochures the fund has newspapers and annual complete sets of magazines. The republican newspapers "Truth of the East " and "Kisil Uzbekiston" are stored since 1925, regional newspapers "Fergana truth" and "Fargona hakikati" since 1940.

      The fund of bibliographic department totals about 3250 copies, also this department has "Annals of book clauses" from 1949 to 1993 and "Annals of journal clauses" from 1949 to 1993. Also there are "Annals of newspaper clauses" since 1952, "Annals of reviews", "Musical annals", "Cartographical annals".