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People and books

German Corner

          The German Corner at the sector of foreign literature was opened on October, 2003. The fund of the Corner consists of 245 books granted by the Gete Institute and 1080 books from the fund of the sector. The German cultural centre named after Gete (Gete-institute) is the international organization having its representations in 79 countries around the world. The goals and objectives of the Centre are: popularization of German language abroad, international cultural cooperation support, provision of urgent information about cultural life of Germany.

          Opening of the Corner became possible due to the fruitful cooperation of the Fergana regional scientific universal library named after Ahmad al Fargoniy and Gete Institute in Tashkent.

          On October 26, 2003 there was a presentation of the German Corner, in which the representatives of Gete Institute, the representatives of the regional administration on culture, German language teachers of local schools and colleges, students, pupils and the representatives of Media.

The German Corner is a unique opportunity to improve the language, to fill up the knowledge of culture and history of the German speaking countries.

          The main objective of the German Corner is to get the inhabitants of Fergana city and Fergana region acquiainted with Germany cultural and public life, and also to enable our readers to improve their knowledge of German language.

          In the greatest demand are now the books on German grammar, economic dictionaries, and book on culture and art of Germany.

          In the Corner you can find:

  • 1250 unique books in all fields of knowledge
  • the counrty information: directories, guidebooks.
  • To take part in the organized events.


The first portion of books under the project «People and books»


June 15, 2006             

Under the international project «People and books» (Germany assistance to the libraries of the Central/Eastern Europe and the Central Asia) the first portion of books was given to our library by the Federative Republic of Germany Ambassador in Uzbekistan Hans-Ioahim Kinderlen.

            Gabriela Zander - the representative of the Gete-Institute from Tashkent city and the representative of the «Gerda Henkel» foundation in Central Asia - Khurshid Inomjonov - took part in the ceremony. Also there were the representatives of the regional administration A. Otojonov, Regional Department on culture and sport affairs chief deputy - A. Komilov, the city culture department chief - D. Koroboev, as well as the representatives of the city libraries, German cultural center, the German language teachers' Association, German language teachers from colleges and schools, students and pupils.

The Germany Ambassador in Uzbekistan Hans - Yoahim Kiderlen noted that the library entered the narrow circle of selected libraries, which deserve this support. Its participation in the project the library has won after two stages of the tender organized by the Germany MIA, Gete Institute and a number of private funds in Germany. 30 libraries won the tender among the 97 participants. The project sponsors will be Gete Institute Tashkent and Gerda Henkel foundation.  The library was granted 10 000 euro, which will be spent during three years on new literature in German language on requests of the library users.

The representative of Gete institute Gabriel Zander said that due to professional activity of the library, its fruitful relationships with other libraries and organizations, not only in Uzbekistan, but beyond as well, they recommended our library.

Hurshit Inomjonov - the representative of the Gerda Henkel foundation said that their choice was based on that of in Central Asia our library is one of the largest and the oldest one in Fergana region, which is the most populated in Fergana valley.

The first portion is more than a hundred richly illustrated, polygraphic, beautifully decorated books in German - encyclopedias, dictionaries, reference books, fictions, etc. - enriched the fund of foreign literature.

Everybody noted that a new stage of cultural exchange between Uzbekistan and Germany begins with the beginning of the project. This library initiative will help to satisfy a huge demand for German literature; will attract the young generation to the German language. In the opinion of the organizers, the result of the project implementation will become fortification of friendly relations between our peoples and the new fund will satisfy the interest to the culture and history of the countries - the project participators.

Memorable souvenirs were handed to the Germany Ambassador in Uzbekistan Hans- Yoahim Kiderlen, to the representative of Gete-institute from Tashkent Gabriel Zander, the representative of Gerda Henkel foundation in the Central Asia Hurshid Inomjonov.


At the end of the official part, the guests and participants had informal friendly conversations.


   On April 16, 2006 the Ambassador of Germany in Uzbekistan mister Hans-Ioahim Kinderlen visited the library. The basic purpose of the visit was visiting the hall of the foreign literature.

        The Embassy of Federal Republic of Germany in Tashkent together with a number of private funds of Germany MIA has put forward the initiative «People and books» for support of libraries in the Central and Eastern Europe. The first of all the purchase of books was planned, which will be handed over to some selected libraries.

        From 97 libraries participating in the competition 30 were selected, they have received such a support. From Uzbekistan the embassy together with Gete Institute offered this support to the Fergana regional library after Ahmad al Fargoniy. The ambassador with a special pleasure said that the Fergana regional library really was included in the narrow circle of the selected organizations deserving this support.

        Initially under the project during three years the support will be given to the 30 selected libraries from 22 countries of the Central and Eastern Europe and the Central Asia for the target expansion of their book funds.

        From 2005 to 2007 a complete set of the modern literature for 10 000 euro will be given to the library.

        Mister Hans-Ioahim Kinderlen handed over to the library director a certificate „Die Wissenschaftliche gebietsbibliothek Fergana“ from the Germany MIA and a number of private funds that advanced the initiative «People and books» for support of the libraries in the Central and Eastern Europe. Also the ambassador handed over books about Germany and posters with famous sights of the country.

        From among the sponsors a Fund of Gerda-Henkel-Stiftung was assigned to the library. Alongside with Gete Institute this Fund will take the "patronage" over the library.


   On September 18, 2004 the sector of foreign literature was having a «Festival of Friendship» together with a special school for profound study of German language #6 Marguilan city, a special school for profound study of German language #3 Fergana city, #11 Tashlak region with the objective of study and propagation of the history and culture of the world peoples. The Festival gatherd over 130 people. The students of the above listed schools represented and demonstrated the history and culture of Uzbek, German, French, Indian, Russian and Japanese peoples.


The participants of the Festival of Friendship