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"The Bee - one of the seven treasures"  18.03.2019 11:54

A book exhibition titled "The Bee - one of the seven treasures" was organized on March 18, 2019 at the Regional Information and Library Center named after Ahmad Farghoni. The exhibition included publications on bee-keeping. Beekeeping is an indispensable, vital branch of agriculture. This industry will help to breed bees, to grow honey, candles, floral and other bee products, to chill out agricultural crops, increase yields, and improve the quality of fruit trees. Also, the role of honey bees in seed production is unmatched in the quality and sowing of seeds. The demand for honey produced by honey bees grows day by day. At present, wax products are used in every field: industry, confectionery factories, medicine, aircraft, rocket launchers, radio, television and computer industries. Therefore, beekeeping is always a livestock-breeding branch.

At present the country pays great attention to the development and breeding of beekeeping. The purpose of this exhibition is to familiarize the population and readers with the sphere of beekeeping and interest in this area.

This exhibition is of great interest among the readers.