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Secrets in the heart of Kuva  21.06.2019 08:28

On June 21, 2019 at the regional information-library center named after Ahmad Farghoni the book-photo exhibition under the heading "Tourism prospects in Uzbekistan" was held.

The exhibition included the history of Kuva district, gardening, agriculture and industry literature.

The Kuva district is a real pearl of the Ferghana Valley. Farmers here are known for their diligence. Especially, they are masters in cultivating pomegranate. Therefore, pomegranates of Kuva are well known and popular not only in our country, but also abroad. At present more than 150 farms in the area of ​​the specialized agricultural enterprise "Pomegranate" are being cared for more than 30 species of this autumn harvest. 

The exact date of the ancient city of Kuva was unknown, but archeologists found it to belong to the 3rd century BC. Based on the Arabian written sources of VII-X centuries, it was written that this city, which belongs to the Middle Ages, was known as Kuba. The old caravan passed through the city. In the center of the city was a well-known medieval Ahmad al-Farghoni (Alfraganius) complex with a statue of a scientist.

The purpose of the exhibition is to familiarize the population and readers with the city of Kuva and promote domestic tourism.

This exhibition is of great interest among the readers.

Exhibitions on various spots of our country will continue in the future under the heading "Tourism prospects in Uzbekistan".


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