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Online lawyer  30.07.2019 08:27

Question: Is it possible to terminate an employment contract with a pregnant woman on the initiative of the employer if the test results are unsatisfactory?

Answer: According to Article 84 of the Labor Code, pregnant women, women with children under 3 years of age, persons who have been sent to work at the expense of minimum wage established by the enterprise, from the date of graduation from relevant educational institutions of secondary special and professional education. In case of employment for the first time in 3 years, as well as the employment contract with the employees for up to 6 months, the preliminary testing will not be established.

Consequently, employment contracts with a woman who is pregnant or having children (children) under 3 years of age, even with the woman's own consent, are subject to the conditions of the initial test agreement that worsen the situation of employees than those provided by labor laws and other regulations will not.

Even if a woman becomes pregnant after the employment contract is signed, that is, during the initial test, the probationary period should be terminated. Even if this condition is not rescinded, it will in any case expire.

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