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"Healthy nutrition - a guarantee of health"  03.04.2019 11:44

F.Almukhametova, the head of the service department held the debate. At the beginning of the conversation she gave information that every year since 1948 on April 7, World Health Day is held.  Also, F.Almukhametova said that to the participants one of the factors affecting the health of the population is an unhealthy diet.
The physical and mental activity of a human depends on the proper nutrition of the person. The proper care of the person affects the duration of his life. There were also questions and answers among readers. "What products are useful and harmful to human organisms?" The readers have suggested that harmful products include carbonated drinks, sweets, canned products and other, useful products, including fruits, vegetables, honey and others. In psychology, orange color provides human energy, yellow color stimulates digestion and stimulates the nervous system, while the warm colors boost the drinking habits. The purpose of the conversation is to develop the idea of ​​healthy nutrition and healthy lifestyles among young people.

The conversation was full of interesting questions and answers.