Fergana Regional
Information-Library Center named after Ahmad Ferganiy

Mailing address:
Uzbekistan, Fergana city,
Marifat str. 31A

Phone numbers:
(+998 73) 244-00-56
(+998 73) 244-12-86

Work hours:
Daily from 8:00 to 18:00

Cleanup day:
Last Friday each month


"Landscapes of the native land" - presentation of the exhibition of young artists.  15.03.2018 08:52

March 15, 2018 in the Sector of Spirituality and Enlightenment, a presentation of the exhibition of works by young artists dedicated to the national holiday Navrz was held.

"The influence of TV and gadgets on human health"  15.03.2018 08:51

March 14, 2018 in the hall of foreign literature ILC named after Ahmad Farganiy, at the next session of the Club of Korean Language Amateurs, a discussion was held about the impact of TV and various gadgets on people's health.

"In search of truth" - Spiritual and enlightening event dedicated to the memory of Hamza Hakimzada Niyazi  06.03.2018 08:50

March 6, 2018 in the assembly hall ILC named after after Ahmad Farganiyheld Spiritual and educational event "In Search of Truth" dedicated to the birthday of poet, teacher, theatrical figure, Honored writer of Uzbekistan Khamza Khakimzade Niyaziy. 

Moral education, the needs of young people and excessive interest in expensive things  05.03.2018 08:49

March 3, 2018 at a regular meeting of the club of English language lovers a conversation was held on the topic "Youth needs and excessive interest in expensive things." Club members discussed "what are the needs and how do the needs arise?",What is the reason for the excessive hobby of shopping? "," How do the needs turn into accumulation? ".

Meet new acquisitions of the local lore sector  02.03.2018 08:36

On March 2, 2018 in the local history sector of ILC named after Ahmad Farganiy for regular users, a review of the new literature was conducted. 

"Words spoken to the people" - the birthday of the great poetess Zulfiya  01.03.2018 08:32

09_2007_r_cult_4 The 1st of March, 2018 in the assembly hall of Information- Library Center named Ahmad Ferganiy  held a literary and art evening called "Хalqimgaaytarso’zlarim" dedicated to the birthday of the famous Uzbek poetess Zulfiya.

The novel by Pirimqul Qodirov "Starry nights"  28.02.2018 08:26

1453On 28thof February, 2018 at the Library Club conference was held discussion of the novel by PirimqulQodirov"Star Nights" of the People's Writer of Uzbekistan.

"Founder of state independence"  26.02.2018 15:41

On 26 th of January, 2018, employees of the general reading room sector conducted a survey "The Founder of State Independence" dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the First President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov.

The story of Alexander Pushkin "The Captain's Daughter"  25.02.2018 15:41

January 24, 2017 in the literary club was a discussion of Pushkin's story "The Captain's Daughter."

"The Movie and the Book" - Joanne Rowling "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone  22.02.2018 15:40

On 20 th of January, 2018 in the reading room of foreign languages literature of ILC named after Ahmad Fargoniy within the series "Cinema and the book" was a conversation "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone."

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